Saturday, November 19, 2011

Delivery of Schindler 15 Passenger 1000kg Lift

The Passenger Lift ordered in August 2011 from Trade Promoters - Schinlder 15 passenger lift arrived at our warehouse in Peliyagoda. The original design for the building provided for office space on the 2nd floor and light storage on the 1st floor and heavy storage on the ground floor, this was done according our requirement, the opportunity came along where Expo had an immediate requirement for warehouse space for their 3PL operation. The tenant Expo Lanka have no requirement currently for the passenger lift and we are considering the option of selling it...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Signing of Expo Agreement - 16th November 2011

The signing of the Expo agreement took place today the EWP - WTC office - For the rental on 34,000sqft at Warehouse No.7 - Rs.35 for a two year term... 

Signed by Dhammika and Me and witnessed by Nishantha 

Expo - Signed by Mr. Illyas 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Phuket Renaissances - Room Design

Outdoor - Landscaping - Alfresco Concept - Bali - The Samaya

The following images our a banquet hotel in Bali - The Samaya -

I feel the dinning experience coupled with the views of the beach works well, after all most tourist visiting the hotel /resort our looking to take in as much of the ocean and the surrounding tropical atmosphere.


Site Preparation - Compacting and Roller of Road 2011-11-11

Prior to the second visit to the site, we hired some local labor to manually constructed the remaining parts of the road, i.e. reduce the gradient of the slopes and clearance of vegetation on the site...

The Above Video gives an overview of the entire site.

The roller lost control on the slope at the entrance to the site, pls see video below, thankfully no one was hurt! 
Notably Mr. Jayasinghe had to make some impressive maneuvers to avoid the rollers...!